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Ten Seconds for Taiwan

Prayer Mobilization for the Working Class of Taiwan

How to join the prayer team
We are raising 50,000 prayer partners to pray for the working class of Taiwan. Every two weeks, we will email a short, specific prayer request for the Taiwanese working class and ask you to not only pray that prayer with us, but to also pass it on to others who will pray. This may be your congregation, your small group, your prayer group, your family, friends, etc. You may also choose to use email or simply word-of-mouth to spread this prayer request around.
If you can spare 10 seconds every two weeks to pray for the Taiwanese working class please join with us.
Send an e-mail to us with the word "Join" in the subject line. Be sure to include (in the body of the e-mail) the e-mail address or addresses of the mail box you wish us to send the requests to.
e-mail us at:
The following is an example of the format of the short e-mail you will receive every two weeks.

Please take the next 10 seconds to pray this prayer for the working class people of Taiwan.
SAMPLE PRAYER: I pray the Taiwanese working class people will praise You, Lord. May their souls know You as their very great God. (Psalm 9:11)
Please ask your church, bible study, small group, cell group, family and children to pray this with us and you will be joining thousands of people around the world in asking our Father to bring His good news to the working class people of Taiwan. Please relay this to those who can join us in prayer.
For more information please visit or e-mail

If you are receiving these e-mail prayer requests directly from us and no longer want to continue receiving them please send us an e-mail with "Remove" in the subject line. PLEASE NOTE: some of you may be receiving the e-mail prayers from someone else. Perhaps someone is forwarding the e-mail to you. If you are not on our list so, of course, we cannot remove you. Please send mail directly to the person who is e-mailing it to you. Sorry for any inconvenience.