Ten Seconds for Taiwan

Prayer Mobilization for the Working Class of Taiwan

In 10 seconds … you can walk to your car

In 10 seconds … you can pour a cup of coffee

In 10 seconds … you have just read this

And in 10 seconds you can ask God to build a working class church.

Less than 0.5% of the 15 million working class people of Taiwan know Jesus Christ. What can change this?

What we are doing.
The Taiwanese working class are an unreached people group on the island of Taiwan. They comprise 60-70% of the population, but are less than 0.5% Christian. Because of the spiritual climate among the working class, we are convinced that only a focused effort of prayer will open up their hearts to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. To that end, our goal is to raise 50,000 prayer partners world wide who will regularly pray for the working class Taiwanese.

How can this be done?
We feel it is very doable to raise 50,000 prayer partners. In fact, we may not be thinking big enough! Every two weeks, we will email a short, specific prayer request for the Taiwanese working class and ask you to not only pray that prayer with us, but to also pass it on to others who will pray. This may be your congregation, your small group, your prayer group, your family, friends, etc. You may also choose to use email or simply word-of-mouth to spread this prayer request around.
Learn more about how this will work and how to join the Taiwan prayer team.